Save More Lives While Growing Revenue

Luminare has revolutionized sepsis detection and treatment by pairing the power of artificial intelligence with our patented patient phenotyping algorithm to greatly accelerate the speed of sepsis detection and treatment.

Luminare enables your hospital to save more lives, streamline communication, simplify reporting, and increase revenue.

In just 5 months, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center achieved the following benefits by implementing Luminare:
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ICU Length of Stay Reduction
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Mortality Reduction
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Why You Need Luminare

Why You Need Luminare

Your Current EHRs Don’t Solve the Whole Problem

EHR systems are not customizable to each hospital’s unique clinical workflow.

Alerts are not accurate and contribute to nurse fatigue.

Your Current Sepsis Cases Are Caught Later Than They Could Be

Optimal resources aren’t utilized at each step of the care process.

Higher risk patients aren’t being prioritized.

Delays in identification lead to delays in treatment.

Your Current Workflow Takes Too Long

Higher risk patients in waiting rooms get worse before ever being assessed.

Delays in information cause nurses and clinicians to assess patients inaccurately.

The Process

The Process

Unsure if Luminare is right for your organization? Our high-impact, low-disruption workshops are designed to guide, support, and equip your organization to understand and reach its full potential with early sepsis detection and treatment. Luminare delivers improved sepsis outcomes quickly and within your budget.

Step 1


We guide you every step of the way as we interview stakeholders, and document the clinical, financial, and technological needs of your organization.

Step 2

Onsite Visit

We perform an onsite visit and Gemba Walk to evaluate your clinical, financial, and technological needs with key stakeholders, leadership teams, and sepsis committees.

Step 3

Action Plan

We thoroughly analyze and synthesize our findings and then present our plan of action to your team with clear next steps on successful sepsis detection and treatment.

The Luminare Effect

Clients who have integrated Luminare’s patented patient phenotyping algorithm into their existing workflow have seen a:

  • 18.8% Decrease in Mortality
  • 25.5% Reduction in ICU Length of Stay
  • 28.5% Fewer Days on Ventilators
  • 37.7% Fewer ICU Admissions

It’s a Matter of Saving Lives, Not Just Money

Have Questions?

We’d be shocked if you didn’t. While Luminare is specifically tailored to each hospital’s needs, here are the most common questions we get before we start the process.

What makes Luminare different?

Good sepsis care is more than a detection problem. Other solutions focus only on improving detection time. Luminare’s end-to-end solution addresses the entire scope of detection, treatment, and benchmarking. This comprehensive process not only saves workload capacity and costly hospital resources—but patient’s lives.

Ready to start? 

Luminare’s software works seamlessly with your current EHR system as well as third-party virtual nursing platforms. Everything is done within an easy-to-use interface powered by our patented patient phenotyping algorithm.

Ready to start? 

Luminare integrates directly with your current EHR system using HL7® FHIR® standards—meaning we work with the data you have now. We also have custom integration options for organizations with unique IT restrictions, considerations, and SOPs.

Ready to start? 

It’s the question everyone has before starting the process—but we can’t give you a meaningful answer without learning more about your hospital. What we can tell you is that Luminare’s price is based on a combination of your patient volume as well as your expected ROI. Hospitals also typically see a return on investment in 2–6 months, depending on current sepsis care metrics.

Ready to start? 

What Our Partners Are Saying

Listen to what industry leaders and the doctors currently implementing Luminare in their sepsis care protocol have to say about Luminare’s technology and impact.

It’s Time to Save Lives & Save Money

Let’s Save More Lives

We can’t wait to discover how Luminare can help you increase the quality of your care, alleviate the mental load of your staff, and boost your revenue.

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